Goldshell KD2 Kadena Miner


Product Parameters

Hashrate:  6TH/S(-5%~+5%)

Wall power:  830W/h(-5%~+5%)

Noise: ≤55db

Voltage Input:  176~264V


Dimension:264mm×200mm ×290mm


Operating Temp:0~35 ℃

Availability: In Stock

Status: Brand New


Pay attention to the prices as they sometimes change even several times a week

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Goldshell KD2 Miner

Model Goldshell KD2 Miner from Goldshell mining Kadena with a maximum hashrate of 6.5 TH/s for a power consumption of 830W. order Goldshell KD2 Kadena Miner

Goldshell KD2 is another miner from the Goldshell manufacturer set to be available from March 2021. KD2 Kadena Miner is another unique miner since it has one of the lowest power consumption. It uses the Kadena algorithm and comes with a maximum hash rate of 6 TH/s. The maximum power consumption is 830W which is ideal for home mining activities. Those that use the miner won’t have to worry about high electricity costs. Read this thorough GOLDSHELL KD2 Miner review for more.

A Brief review of Goldshell KD2 Features and Specifications

KD2 Kadena miner is highly anticipated by miners all over the world. The miner’s low power is the reason everyone wants to get their hands on the unit. A glance at the design reveals that it’s similar to other Goldshell miners.

Set to be released in March 2021, nearly all miners want to start the year with this unit. It has a profitability estimate of around $111 daily, which is impressive.

The Goldshell KD2 is a miner that weighs 7.3 Kgs and comes in a size of 200x264x290mm. With a voltage of 176-264V, the unit uses the Ethernet interface. According to the manufacturer, setting up the mining equipment is easy. Kadena is the top coin to mine, which makes it a highly profitable mining equipment.

It’s also one of the best mining equipment for newbies looking to mine Crypto at a low cost.

Algorythm of KD2 Kadena Miner

Kadena is the algorithm you will find under the Goldshell KD2. The algorithm is known for proposing a consensus mechanism of scalable BFT. Although the solution has many drawbacks, it proves to be effective when mining.

One of the drawbacks is security, as miners are likely to face the 51 percent attack. The Algorithm is also slower than other notable hashing algorithms such as SHA-256.

Efficiency of the KD2 Goldshell miner

0.138j/Gh is the efficiency that comes with this miner. Some might see it as a low efficiency but, the miner does deliver in profitability. One reason for the low efficiency is the low power consumption.

The manufacturer was looking to balance profit with electricity costs. With this miner, you get to mine Kadena with low electricity costs. It’s a perfect solution for home and large-scale mining. The power consumption will be low, thus lowering electricity costs.

Hash rate of Goldshell KD2

It comes with a hash rate of 6 TH/s which is impressive considering the low power. With a maximum power consumption of 830W, the miner does produce a high hash rate. The hash rate is the reason why this miner delivers in terms of profitability.

There’s no other miner in the industry that achieves the profitability ratio with this low power. It’s a fete worth recognizing which brings more miners to the table.

Humidity and temperature recommended settings

The manufacturer has set aside recommended settings for both humidity and temperature. For the unit to work effectively, it has to work under certain room conditions. The minimum humidity is 5 percent, while the maximum is 95 percent.

Temperature settings should be lows of 5 degrees Celsius and highs of 45 degrees Celsius. The miner comes with 2 fans to help with cooling.

The Profitability of Goldshell KD2

Total income in a day mining with this unit is $111. The electricity cost is -$4 and daily profit is $107, which is impressive. Considering that the miner has a low electricity cost, it’s best to mine for longer. Since the miner is new, there are no mining pools that are associated with the miner.

Warranty of the KD2 Kadena Miner

The manufacturer does not indicate the warranty period of this miner. GoldShell is known for offering a 6-month warranty for their products.

order Goldshell KD2 Kadena Miner

MODEL KD2 (6.5 TH/S)
RELEASE March 2021
DIMENSIONS 264*200*290
NOISE 55db
WIRES PSU included
HUMIDITY 5 – 95 %


A 180 days warranty is provided starting from the shipped date.

Before shipping – Strict quality inspection and carefully packed.
Within warranty period – Free repair/replacement service.
After warranty period – There will be repair/replacing cost incurred.
After-sale support – Technical support and repairing service are available 24/7 for the full-life of the miner.


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