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Wireless Barcode Scanner :

New Wireless Barcode Scanner 2.4G Wireless With Charge Pedestal Cordless Barcode Scanner

Features :

  1. 2.4G Wireless+Wired two Mode.
  2. 32Bit CPU, Super decoding ability.
  3.  With mini USB receiver, plug and play.
  4. Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold.
  5. Read barcode as small as 3 mill.
  6. Support over twenty different countries’ keyboard layout.
  7. Auto sleep supported and easily waken up with a click of one button.
  8. Application fields: Supermarket, Retail, Warehouse ,Logistic, Library, Medical etc.

Technical Parameters of Barcode Scanner :

Product Specification:  Barcode Scanner
Scanner parameters:

  Transmission mode:2.4G

  Storage:100000 barcodes


  Material: ABS+PC

Working current:3.5Vx40mA

Standby current :18uA-5mA

Working time :3 to 10 days

Charging power:5V-400mA

  Scanning type :bi-directional

  Battery: 3.7V-1400mAh

Scanning width :30cm

Light source:650±20nm VLD

Printing Contract :≥25% Indication:Buzzer & LED
Depth of Field 3mil 2mm-100mm CPU:ARM 32-bit CortexResolution :3mil

Decoding speed:300scans/sec

BER :1/20million

10mil 2mm-350mm
15mil 5mm-500mm
30mil 10mm-800mm
Trigger Mode:Button,Continuous,Auto-Induction(Optional)
Scanning angle:Angle of rotation±30°,inclination± 45°,declination ± 60°
Anti-interference:No influence working under strong light and sunshine
Decode Capability:UPC/EAN,with complementary UPC/EAN,Code128,Code39,Code 39Full ASCII,Coda bar,industrial /Interleaved 2 of 5 Code93,MSI,Code11,ISBN,ISSN,China post,GS1 Databar,Code32 etc.
Button life :800,000 times laser life:12000 hours
Drop test :2m Interface:USB,USB-COM
Certificate :CE,FCC,RoHS,IP54


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