Bitcoin ATM Machine



Bitcoin ATM Machine 

 Bitcoin Atm Machine Support Bitcoin Wallet Two-way Cryptographic Bitcoin Payment ATM Machine Kiosk


Fırstly With an up-to-date look and a feature set sure to impress, BTM really gets attention.

Featuring a 22″ touch screen and bill acceptor with 1200-note cassette.

Also it helps you to earn more money and meanwhile gives your users a superior end-user experience.



  • Optional two way bitcoin ATM
  • 22″ touch screen for operators
  • 1200 notes bill acceptor
  • 80mm thermal printer
  • Robust structure and stylish design

We can also provide bitcoin ATM with integrated our own software (buy and sell bitcoin)!


No. Components Detailed  Description
1 PC (Android 6.0) ·CPU:ARM Cortex-A53 Amlogic M905D  2.0GHz
·RAM: DDR3 1600 2G;500G HDD, 5400r
·3* RS-232 ports, 5*USB Ports,1 10/100M Net Port, 1*VGA, 1*LTP
·Data Cable; Power Cable; Network Cable
·Integrated Display Card, Net Card, also Sound Card,Graphic Card, Video Board
2 Monitor ·22 inch TFT LCD
·Contrast: 800:1
·Max(native). Resolution:1280(RGB)×1080
·Response time: 6ms; Dot Pitch: 0.284mm
3 Touch
·Resolution: 4096*4096
·Deviation of Error:<2.5mm
·Operating force: touch force less than 100g
·Durability:scratch free, more than 50,000,000 touches without failure
·Transmittance: 92%~98%
4 Enclosure ·Material: 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate
·Ergonomically sleek and smart design
·Easy to install and operate with drawers, front door access service
·Security locks
·Internal fans for ventilation
·Moistureproof, Antirust,Anti-acid, Static free
5 Cash Recycler ·Accepts, validates and stores multiple denominations of banknotes in less than 10 seconds
·Accepts:Width: 60-85mm, Length: 115-170mm
·Cash in capacity: 1200 notes
·Cash out capacity: 70 mixed notes
6  Scanner ·Image (Pixels): 752 pixels (H)x 480 pi xels (V)
·Light Source: Illumination:6500K LED
·agaın Interfaces Supported: USB, RS2 32
7 Receipt Printer ·Thermal printer
·Graphic and texting printing
·also Width 80mm, Printing speed:120mm/s
8 KYC ·Camera for photo
·ID card scanner
·Address verification
9 Communication ·Ethernet
10 LED ·LED light for each components, also Dot matrix display, rolling playing
11 Power ·Great Wall, 110V-240V, 50-60 Hz, 145 Watts
12 Speakers ·Left and right bi-channel; amplified output; Multimedia speaker
13 Packing ·Foam and poly wood case
14 Warranty ·also One year for whole machine
15 Color ·White


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