Sur-Ron Light Bee X – Off Road Dirt eBike


Experience the thrills of the Sur-Ron Light Bee X Dirt eBike 2022 model!

Dive into the experience of extreme thrills and incredible rides with the all-powerful 5400W Sur-Ron Light Bee X Dirt eBike. From 0 to 50kph in a matter of seconds, you’ll be flying around rough roads and forest trails with thrilling speed. It’s the perfect dirt eBike for adventurers, and those who always wanted a dirt bike without the petrol and noise.


  • 2022 model
    Incredible power up to 5400W
  • Superior acceleration at 0 to 50 kph in just 4 seconds
  • Improved braking performance with added electronic brake
  • Additional controller features like Kinetic Energy Recovery
  • High-capacity, high-power 18650-cell battery pack
  • Lightweight, custom-made DNM inverted front fork
  • Smoother rides with progressive INTERSECT TR suspension system
  • Better load capacity with gold oil seal chain
  • Custom-designed, all-metal braking system
  • Comfortable riding with a thick, foam-filled saddle
  • Lightweight and durable curved, forged frame
  • Two charging modes
  • Fantastic hill climb ability at 35 degrees


Download the Surron Light Bee Dirt eBike instructions.

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Sur-Ron Light Bee X

The Sur-Ron Light Bee X was released June 2018 and is an off-road electric dirt bike weighing 50kg. All of the upgrades in the Light Bee X have made their way its predecessor the standard Light Bee, except the gold chain. Buy Sur-Ron Light Bee X Now

A E-bikes imports and distributes the Light Bee X dirt bike for the world market. The most significant change is the new improved motor controller known as the X controller.

This new motor controller features Vector Control / Field-Oriented Control (FOC), and thereby powers the motor with a variable frequency sine wave, resulting in a slightly higher top speed and greater torque. The new X controller also has kinetic energy recovery in sport mode enabling the motor to recharge the battery, allowing for longer battery life.

Buy Sur-Ron Light Bee X Now

Zoom across all types of terrain and experience the exhilarating buzz that comes with riding the Light Bee. It can go up to impressive speeds of 75 kph, and can travel as far as 100 km.

You can do all the neat tricks and turns that you want because the Light Bee has a high-torque, ultra-powerful motor with a maximum speed of 4500 rpm. Its FOC vector controller uses a multi-curve compounding algorithm that provides you with better and more personalised control.

Even its 60V 32Ah Lithium-Ion battery adds to its powerful performance due to its high power load capacity and its cruising range (20% higher than standard).

Plus, the Sur-Ron has a superior G3 curved surface frame design! This forged aluminium alloy-framed dirt eBike features a custom-designed, lightweight DNM inverted front fork and an INTERSECT TR suspension system that makes your rides smoother and more enjoyable.

The Light Bee also features an exclusive gold oil seal chain that increases the eBike’s load capacity, reduces maintenance frequency, and allows you to ride more stably than ever before. It even has custom-built, titanium-gold, four-piston brakes that vastly improve braking quality and force.

Not to mention that the Sur-Ron Light Bee comes with a thick, foam-filled saddle that can effectively cushion you while on rough, bumpy rides.

It even has an impressive hill climb ability of up to 35 degrees. Steep inclines are no match for this dirt eBike.

Climb up mountains and zoom through trails today with the Sur-Ron Light Bee Dirt eBike.


Surron Dirt eBike

Dimensions 187 cm by 78 cm by 104 cm
Weight 50 kg
Acceleration 0-50 kph in 4 seconds
Power Modes
Eco, Sport
Max. Speed 75 kph
Max. Range 100 km (@20 kph)
Max. Motor Power 5400W
Battery Power 60V, 32Ah Lithium Battery
Charging Time 3-4 hrs
Climbing Angle 35 Degrees
Water Resistance Motor: IP55

Controller: IP67

Colour Black, Silver, Blue, Grey, Red, Yellow, Green & Orange
Minimum Clearance 27cm
Seat Height 84cm to 88cm
Motor Brushless
Max. Torque 200 Nm
Vehicle Material Aluminum Double Cradle
Tyre Type Spoke Wheels, 19 x 1.4 Alloy Hubs
Tyre Size 26-inch, 70/100-19 CST
Brakes Front & Rear to the four-piston hydraulic disc
Front Shock Absorber System Double Cylinder, Vertical Telescopic
Rear Shock Absorber System Multi-Link Center Shock
Drive System Belt + Chain

The standard Light Bee is available with the X controller or the square wave controller.



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